Since 1946, when Mr. Eligio Ferrari founded our company, we have always focused our attention on taking care of our Clients’needs providing them daily with technical assistance in pre and post selling service.

Under the guide of Mr. Roberto Ferrari, who took place of his father Eligio following the continuous growth of the hydrothermo-sanitary sector, Ferrari Srl enlarged his own product range. In the early nineties, it not only doubled the extension of its own factories but it also opened two new local units one in Lucca, to distribute products in Tuscany, in the centre, the south and the islands of Italy and another in Padova i to distribute products in the North-East of Italy and Romagna.

For longer than 60 years of activity we have strengthened the relationship with our clients, improving the acquired experience with a wide range of products for the following specific categories: thermoregulation, air conditioning, exhaust components and particularly a solar plant accessory division.