Our company, is one of the most important provider of thermo hydraulic market product distribution.
We are always looking ahead and always ready to satisfy the market changing needs looking for and providing new products. Our outstanding reputation forces us to be close to our customers to satisfy their needs.

The leading unit in Varese, the two branches in Padova and Lucca, the Export Department together with more than 30 salesmen form a strong structure which allows us to operate in Italy and many CEE as well as non CEE foreign countries.

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Our target customers:
Wholesalers and retailers of thermo hydraulic components
They are our main target customers in Italy and represent an important part of our turnover. Thanks to them we are today the leading reference company in the sector of gas accessories and air conditioning supply. The high quality service, we offer, is the natural synthesis of our working philosophy based on a swift service and support.

In nowadays market reality, designers are covering a crucial and important role That’s why we are always engaged in helping them with the best service we can offer.

Gas Companies
All LPG national companies as well as the regional ones are among our customers. In the last few years we have been verifying a great success with Natural Gas companies as well.

They represent a small part of our turnover, but their importance is growing due, above all, to gas sector changes and to requests for specific components in various sectors.

We have always welcomed their constructive criticism, always been open to their suggestions to reinforce the relationship with them, with the goal of improving the product quality and service. They are the customer category who primarily motivate us to work seriously in order to gratify their needs.